Suitability for Wash, Dry and Fold

By using our service, you agree that your laundry is suitable to be laundered. We assume that laundry items placed in our care for the Wash, Dry and Fold services can be washed in water on a normal cycle and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process.
We reserve the right to refuse service of items that we feel will be hazardous to our staff. i.e.: items heavily soiled with human or animal waste.

Tidy Laundry accepts all laundry based on weight and does not perform a piece-by-piece count. Tidy exercises great care in processing clothing items received to avoid misplacement or loss of items. However, try as we may, there could come a day when items are misplaced or even lost. If you believe we have not returned an item, do the following:
  • Call us immediately (within 24 hours) to report that you do not see the item.
  • Double check your home because it is possible that you thought you sent it but did not.
If you still believe it was sent out and not returned, Tidy Laundry liability, with respect to any lost item/s, shall not exceed $50 per garment regardless of brand or condition. Total loss liability per order shall not exceed $250.

Damaged Laundry

SuperSuds is not responsible for any damage to clothing that stems from items being left in laundry items (Such as markers, pencils, pens, makeup etc…).

SuperSuds is not responsible for clothes that shrink, bleed or changes shape during normal washing and drying. Again, please check your labels prior to sending clothes to SuperSuds Laundromats.
Tidy does not guarantee against color loss, clothes with poorly set dyes, normal wear and tear, pre-existing damage, severe soiling, lost socks, or mismatches.

We are not responsible for any damage that is done to your laundry during normal washing and drying including but not limited to: buttons falling off, beads coming loose, hems or seams coming undone, etc.

Tidy makes every effort to remove stains but cannot guarantee that all stains can be or will be removed. Garments not picked up due to no fault of Tidy for 30 days, may be donated to charity.

Text Optin

By using our laundry services, you give us the right to text your phone number with laundry order status updates, coupons, hour changes and important notices. To opt out of receiving these text messages simply reply with the word STOP.
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