How Tidy Works

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Get the Tidy app for iOS or Android. Our membership plan is only $10 monthly. And guess what? You can enjoy our membership perks/ risk-free with a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL!


Schedule a Pickup

Choose a date and time to schedule your laundry pickup and place your clothes outside 15 mins before your scheduled time. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder text before arrival.


Our Process

Once we have your clothes, we will check pockets for loose items, pre-treat stains, and separate darks from lights. Your clothes will always be washed separately from others, and laid flat prior to folding to avoid wrinkles.


Delivery Day

Take a load off! Rest assured knowing your laundry is expertly cleaned, folded and on the way. We’ll return your clothes within 1 business day between 2:00PM – 7:00PM. You’ll receive a text to let you know when we’re on the way

Customize Your Wash

Tidy offers a variety of products and detergents so you get your laundry done how you want it


  • Tide (standard)
  • All free & Clear

Fabric softener

  • Bounce
  • All free & Clear

Scent beads

  • Tropical paradise
  • Spring daydream

Color safe bleach

  • Oxiclean

Tidy Plus™ Annual Membership

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Say goodbye to laundry day.

Join team Tidy and get started. Whether you want to take care of one or two emergency loads every so often or you need weekly loads done, Tidy Plus™ is here to take care of all of your laundry needs. With Tidy, you never have to worry because your laundry will be taken care of by pros. Now, you can do ANYTHING but laundry.

Our washers are game changers

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