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Discover the future of laundry day from America’s No. 1 trusted wash & fold brand.

Who We Are

We’re your ultimate laundry solution! Tidy was created to service the community with years of unmatched experience, and quality care. Our wash experts follow trusted laundry practices, created with over a decade of experience.

What We Do

Get a look at the process Tidy uses to achieve a perfect customer experience.


We wash your clothes exactly how you like it, with the settings you choose. Your clothes are checked, treated for stains, and separated before being cleaned in our state of the art machines.


Our professionals carefully dry laundry according to best practices in order to ensure clothes are fluffy and damp free, and safe from an overly hot dryer. Clothes are laid flat fresh out of the dryer to ensure a wrinkle free delivery.
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Tidy’s folding process is used industry wide, and we’re proud of it! A unique style that allows Tidy to give you a flawlessly folded delivery, with a consistent and clean stack of clothes, no matter what.

Apart from the rest

Since the beginning of Tidy, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to several key principles.

Deliver an outstanding laundry service that liberates people to enjoy their free time again.


Simplify and streamline our laundry process the utmost customer convenience.


Keep consistent in our delivery to offer predictably excellent results.

At tidy we work tirelessly to uphold. These principles every single day. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive laundry solution that offers exceptional value and unparalleled customer support. We actively encourage feedback from our value customers and strive to incorporate suggestions for improvement.

Tidy is the dedicated residential laundry service loved by busy parents and families struggling to make time for meaningful moments

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